Palembang (Reuters) - The opening ceremony of SEA Games 26 titled "Srivijaya A Golden Peninsula" nan magnificent sporting event marks the beginning of terakbar South-East Asia in Srivijaya Gelora, Jakabaring Sports Complex, Palembang, on Friday.

Grandeur and sparkling opening ceremony of the SEA Games was charming for a while dispelled any doubt that the implementation of the prestigious sporting event will take place perfunctory.

History may also be noted, that the SEA Games opening ceremony in the town Pempek it is among the most spectacular and most magnificent in the history of the implementation of the SEA Games.

The event was at the same time also confirm that although was oversized in its preparation, Palembang and Jakarta are fully ready to host the SEA Games in 2011.

"I have to say that Indonesia is ready to host the 26th SEA Games," said Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Malarangeng in his speech at the opening ceremony cost Rp165 billion.

President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, who was sitting on the tribune of honor looks sumringah and carefully watched the opening ceremony of pomp.

Even though with some 16,000 spectators they seemed enthusiastic and impressed with the event, although in part the implementation of the heavy rains flushed the stadium ceremony Srivijaya.

The President declared the event the SEA Games is a real step to strengthen the togetherness the countries in Southeast Asia, particularly in the field of sports.

"ASEAN increasingly become a dynamic area and full progress. Let us increase the cooperation and partnership to achieve higher-East Asia of peace, justice, progress and prosperity," said President of Palembang who wear traditional dress complete with a headband.

The 26th SEA Games held in Jakarta and Palembang on 11-22 November 2011 initiated a series of activities of ASEAN in late 2011. At 17 to 19 November 2011 in Bali will be held Summit (Summit), which was attended by the ASEAN heads of state / government of ten ASEAN member countries.

Indonesia four times to host the biggest sporting event in South East Asia, namely in 1979, 1987, 1997 and 2011. SEA Games this time is the biggest Asian Games ever held, attended by 11 ASEAN member countries, with the number of athletes reach 12,000 people. They will compete in 44 sports and 545 gold medal fight.

Susi Susanti

Daughter of Indonesia badminton legend Susi Susanti to "sri stage" at the top of the opening ceremony. He was asked to turn a giant cauldron that will continue to burn until 22 November.

Although not too smooth, Susi the "flying" from the kingdom of Srivijaya replica sailing ship while carrying spear of fire that comes from the eternal flame and has dikirap Mrapen to six island, managed to transfix "dome" cauldron lit up.

To ANTARA, contributor to the first Olympic gold for Indonesia, it can proudly claim to tense at the same time carry out the task.

"Excited and proud, but fully prepared really. I am always proud to receive the task entrusted to the nation," said the wife of Alan Budikusuma it.

According to Susi's task was quite difficult, because he pulled up to a height of 30 meters, although he strongly believes the action is very safe technology "sling" towing torches, done by people who are experienced and have been tested at loads up to 90 pounds.

Opening of the more sparkling because colored three times spektakukuler fireworks show, and invited the audience admiration.

"Very satisfied, very satisfied," said Mrs. Eri Riana (35), visitors to the class "bronze" when asked to comment by Reuters.

In line with ERI, Supriyanto (28), Central Javanese Palembang residents expressed no disappointment at all to pay a ticket for Rp250 thousand dollars, for the sake of watching the show.

"If it was just raining, we just wear a coat," said Supriyanto who watched with his wife and son.

The audience in the cheapest class, the raincoats are provided for in anticipation of rain, which was started often flushed the city which cleaved the Musi river.
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