Talks about Islam and the orientation of other social problems, to borrow a phrase Prof. A. Syafii Maarif (1985), can not be released from sebu-ah axiomatic the idea that Islam is a set of values ​​ilahiy are entirely oriented towards concrete things of human life. This statement be supported many verses in the Quran, among them: "And We sent down to thee the Book (the Koran) to explain everything and guidance and mercy and glad tidings for those who have surrendered" (Surat an- Nahl/16: 89).
Islam must be understood as a complete way of life. He does not divide life into two separate parts: material and spiritual, but give him a real balance. Our world has suffered because of religions and ideologies that seem brilliant, in fact biased. Some of them emphasize the spiritual aspects of life by ignoring the material and worldly. The world is seen as a Ilu-si, scams and pitfalls. Instead the ideology of materialism has completely ignored the moral and spiritual aspects of life, and get rid of with the notion that religion is a delusion, opium, and the human imagination. Understand a place and have brought disaster for the people, robbing them of peace, contentment and serenity of his life. Islam with its teachings were noble goals without creating a human being to exclude the material and economic aspects. The truth can be traced in the Koran.
Al-Quran is the holy book that emphasizes the human need for good works and works. The Quran encourages people to actively do good works and do concretely to kemamfaatan and welfare of living together. Human nature according to al-Quran is entirely determined by his deeds, so that the gift of God in the form of wealth and property was in essence a result of what he does and is influenced by the level of Kwali-bag acts that do (QS 45/22; 14:51) .
Al-Quran look at wealth or capital in essence as 'the abundance of God' (fadhlullah) (Sura 2:272) and 'good' (khair) which were given out to men (Sura 62:10). The last verse is at once a gesture to make worship as a cornerstone in the executor's search for sustenance, or the wealth of God as well as integralisasi view of social ritual and worship. The remembrance of God through prayer by deciding work for a while


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